L. Renée Bayard is a Certified Jungian Life Coach specializing in Somatic Psychotherapy, Vultology and Natural Medicine. She began her study into depth psychology in 2012 when she was introduced to the works of Swiss psychologist Carl G. Jung. She left her career in medical animation to collaborate on the Cognitive Type project as she saw the need for an empirical method of measuring psychology. Working with the main author, she helped form the basis of the theory and edited and contributed to the book published in 2016. Having survived a traumatic childhood and being disappointed by the results of therapy, she practiced the depth psychology and schema therapy methods she was learning on herself with remarkable success. With a deeper level of awareness of the human psyche and passion to share the healing knowledge given to her, Renee set out to form her new career as a life coach focusing on trauma recovery.

Prior to her interest in psychology, Renee spent years studying natural treatments for physical diseases. She has managed a difficult case of type I diabetes in herself for 27 years, as well as other autoimmune disorders such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and celiac disease. In addition to regular treatment, she has found the supplements and lifestyle changes she learned about in the 300+ scientific papers she’s read indispensable to keeping herself healthy and functional. In 2019 Renee became the patient of Dr. Lonna Larsh, an Integrative M.D. After being treated by this brilliant doctor, she was offered to be her assistant and learned much from working with her professionally.

Renée works in Woodside, CA as a 9th generation Bay Area native.