Cognitive Type™ Facial Reading
Discover your cognitive functions
and receive a report on how
they shape your personality
“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”
– Carl G. Jung
Triumph over trauma with help from someone who understands the recovery process.
Achieve healing through somatic psychotherapy, memory re-integration, active imagination
and many other techniques.
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A facial reading system, also called “vultology”, where the analyst tracks micro-expressions which reveal your type of cognitive processing. We will identify your cognitive functions – Thinking, Feeling, Sensing and Intuition – whether they are Introverted or Extroverted and you will receive a report on how they shape your personal psychology.


As a Certified Jungian Life Coach, I combine Depth Psychology techniques such as Shadow integration, active imagination and dream analysis with hypnosis, schema therapy and motivational techniques to help my client become more self-aware, transform into the best version of their self and build confidence to pursue their dreams.


As a childhood trauma survivor I know what it’s like to live in survival mode and feel alone, distanced from friends and family. I offer the same body-centered therapy techniques that helped me heal, regain a sense of trust, manifest well being and reclaim connection. Learn how to tap into your body’s innate wisdom to heal itself and rebalance.

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“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl G. Jung

Renee offers a unique and insightful therapeutic experience. By intertwining psychology and spirituality, Renee gives her clients a better understanding of their shadow and conscious self. I appreciate her authenticity and how she holds space for vulnerability. Renee’s work isn’t commonly found, and unlike most therapists she coaches clients by providing them with key skills they can use throughout their life. Try a session – you won’t regret it!

Danny B.

Renee helped me determine which parts of my inner dialogue were blocking my ability to operate on higher levels of success. She gave me key notes of insight into trusting myself that I discuss with myself daily and most importantly, she worked with me with compassion and understanding through my depression and anxiety while doing home visits when I couldn’t leave my house.

J. Grant

“I was incredibly impressed with how accurate the Cognitive Type facial reading system is. She talked with me for only a few minutes before being able to explain things about my experience and mannerisms I never even noticed before! The session helped me understand myself to a deeper level and helped me see where I most need to grow.”

R. H.